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2 Exercises For Shoulder Pain When Raising Your Arm And Lifting Overhead

If you get shoulder pain when raising your arm, or lifting overhead in the gym, when working, or when dancing, here are 2 simple exercises for shoulder pain relief that you can do with minimal equipment.

There are lots of different shoulder pain exercises, and the best one depends on your unique problem.

However, 2 of the best exercises for shoulder pain are Scarecrows and TB External Rotations.

Incorporating these into your warm-up routine can make a big difference, and allow you to move your shoulder freely and without soreness.

First Exercise For Shoulder Pain – Scarecrows

This simple exercise can be performed with no equipment, or using a light dumbbell to add resistance depending on your strength levels.

To perform this shoulder exercise, stand with your back against a wall, with your upper arms out to the side (parallel to the floor, elbows level with the shoulders) and elbows bent at 90 degrees, as pictured below. 

Shoulder Pain Exercise 1 - Scarecrow Starting Position

Then rotate the forearms back towards the wall and hold for 2 seconds. 

Shoulder Pain Exercise 2 - Scarecrow End Position

Then slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat this 15 times, and make sure that you don’t let your forearms go below parallel.

If you are experiencing pain when performing the exercise, stop because there may be a more serious injury that can be worsened by pushing through the pain.

Second Exercise For Shoulder Pain – TB External Rotation

The second shoulder pain exercise can be performed with no equipment, but ideally, you would use a band to add some resistance.

Shoulder Pain Exercise 2 - External Rotation Starting Position

To perform this shoulder exercise, stand with your elbows in a 90-degree angle, elbows in to your side, and hold a resistance band in both of your hands as pictured below. 

Keeping your elbows tucked, in, rotate your forearms open and hold for 2 seconds. 

Shoulder Pain Exercise 2 - External Rotation End Position

Slowly relax back to the starting point.

Aim for 15 repetitions with this exercise too, and again, you should not experience pain when doing this.

3 More Proven Exercises To Stop Shoulder Pain When Raising Your Arm

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“I’ve Tried Exercises And My Shoulder Pain Keeps Coming Back”

If you’ve had shoulder pain for a long time, you’ve probably tried a lot of things – foam rolling, stretching, getting massages, and even exercises – but found no long-term relief.

If this is true, you need a more personalized approach.

Some people can perform these exercises, and get back to doing what they love – working out, playing sports, and enjoying an active lifestyle.

But your shoulder pain clearly isn’t that straightforward.

Therefore you need a more detailed treatment plan, and that’s something you can find at our clinic.

Not only do we look at your shoulder, but we also address the whole body because often pain in one location can be caused or related to another part of the body.

And without fixing the whole body, your shoulder pain will keep coming back.

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