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Is Your Running Form Causing Your Annoying Foot And Ankle Pain?

If you love running, but you suffer from sore feet, and painful ankles, is the way you run causing all your problems?

The way you run – your running form – is how you move during a run and if there are any faulty movement patterns, weaknesses, or imbalances, you can imagine that over the thousands of steps you take each week, problems can build up.

But how do you know if your running form is the cause of your foot and ankle pain, and why you struggle with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other running injuries?

And what can you do about it?

In this blog, we answer that question so you can run without pain, and focus on achieving faster times and longer distances.

Common Running Mistakes and Their Impact on Foot and Ankle Pain

In our New York clinic, we regularly see runners and there are a few common mistakes that lead to foot and ankle pain – how many are you doing?


Overstriding is the biggest mistake, which is when your foot is landing too far in front of your body. This creates an excessive impact on your feet and ankles

To fix this, pay attention to your stride length, and aim to land with your foot beneath your hips (rather than in front of it) which allows your body to absorb shock more efficiently.

This reduces the stress on your feet and ankles and makes running less painful.

Heel Striking

Heel striking is another common running mistake that causes foot and ankle pain.

When you run and strike the ground with your heel first, this can cause extra stress on your feet, ankles, and even your shins and knees.

To fix this, try to land on your midfoot, which will distribute the force more evenly throughout your foot leading to less discomfort.

Poor Running Posture As You Tire 

This often affects runners as they tire during a run, or run at a faster speed than usual as they strive towards a new personal record.

Poor posture, such as slouching forward, or leaning too far forward puts additional strain on your feet and ankles.

To fix this, recognize how your posture changes as your fatigue during a run and do your best to maintain a good posture.

Focus on keeping your chest upright instead of bending at the waist (which is what you will likely be doing).

Lack Of Support For Your Feet And Ankles

This mistake isn’t exclusive to runners – it can be made by anyone.

And the final mistake that causes foot and ankle pain is wearing unsupportive, worn-out, or incorrect footwear.

If your running shoes have seen better days, then replacing them may go a long way to relieving your foot and ankle pain.

Stop Your Foot, Heel, And Ankle Pain

Injuries to your feet, heels, and ankle impact your life every single day, making it challenging to walk to work, or when taking the stairs to the subway or your office.

And it can completely wreck your running program, leaving you unable to progress – or not able to run at all!

If you still have questions after reading this blog, or you want to get the fastest solution to your foot and ankle pain, here are two options to find out more:

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If you want quick pain relief, and to be able to work out, run and lift without foot or ankle pain, we can help!

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