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Creating The Perfect Warm Up Routine To Avoid Knee Pain When Exercising, Running And Performing

Knee pain can wreck your life, making it impossible to exercise, difficult to walk and climb stairs, and for performers, threaten their income.

But can a warm up routine help to drastically reduce your knee pain when you do the things you love, or during your basic daily tasks?

In short, yes!

Warming up your knees properly can make a massive difference, and in this blog you can discover 4 common reasons why people don’t warm up, and what you should focus on when you next run through your warm up routine.

4 Common Reasons People With Knee Pain Don’t Warm Up

Warm up routines are incredibly powerful ways to reduce the chance of knee injuries, and avoid knee pain when you exercise, play sports or perform on stage.

But lots of people don’t warm up for various reasons.

Here are 4 of the most common excuses I hear for not warming up – even though it could be one key reason you keep suffering from pain, joint stiffness, and tight knee muscles.

“I Don’t Think Warm Up Routines Are That Important”

This excuse often comes from people who’ve tried different warm ups in the past, and failed to notice a difference.

Now, this might be true.

But the problem is actually with the choice of warm up exercises and execution of the warm up – rather than warm up routines in general.

So if you don’t think warm up routines are that important, I’d ask you to consider that you’ve just been doing the wrong warm up activities.

“I Don’t Have Time To Warm Up”

A common misconception and reason people with knee pain avoid warm ups is that they think it’ll take too long, or that they don’t have enough time.

However, getting warmed up could take as little as 5 minutes, and can mean you are able to perform much better in the gym, on the court, or on stage.

The important thing is to get really focused on what you are including in your warm up, and you’ll find that you can get warmed up quickly and efficiently.

“I Find Warm Up Routines Boring”

For people who find warm up routines boring, the problem is that they are usually unclear on why they are doing it…

Or they aren’t seeing an improvement in their practice, workouts, or performances…

Or they’re creating warm up routines that take far too long.

Maybe all three.

“I’m Too High Level So I Don’t Need To Warm Up”

The final common reason people don’t warm up is that they think they are too high-level, or they’ve been training too long to need them.

But actually, this can be the thing you need more than ever when you are high-level.

Think about it.

You lift heavier than you’ve ever lifted before.

You run further than you’ve ever ran before.

You rehearse and perform on stage more than you ever have before.

So having a solid, warm up routine is exactly what you need to be able to stay at this high level, and perform at your absolute best.

Creating The Right Warm Up Routine For Your Knee Pain

The way to avoid falling into the trap of bad warm up routines that don’t help you avoid knee pain, and feel like a waste of time is to create the right warm up routine for YOU.

And this requires some careful thinking.

There’s lots of exercises that you could include in your warm up routine, but that doesn’t mean you need to.

This approach often leads to people spending 20 minutes, completely bored and losing their motivation in the gym while they do a huge list of random knee related exercises.

Identify What’s Happening With Your Knee

So, first, identify what’s happening with your knee.

Whereabouts in your knee is it hurting, and what activities seem to trigger the pain?

Answer this can help you identify where to spend most of your warm up routine focusing on.

Identify What Warm Up Activities Improve Your Knee Pain

The next step is to be mindful of what warm up activities help your knee pain, and reduce the stiffness, tightness or discomfort.

If you’ve identified what is working, then this can help you ensure you know the most effective use of your warm up time, and how you can make sure it only take 5 minutes of really appropriate exercises, rather than 15 minutes of poorly selected exercises.

Regularly Update Your Warm Up Routine

The right warm up routine only works as long as it’s appropriate your knee, and your situation.

What I mean is that a warm up routine needs to progress – just like your exercise plans do.

So if you did notice success with your warm up routine in the past, but it’s no longer easing your knee pain, then it probably needs updating to reflect your current circumstances.

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